The only policy change McCain has demonstrated during this election is his willingness to forego his own honesty, transparency and straight talk policies. Change is not John McCain’s strong suit (please see the following footnote for some examples reinforcing this statement)1. Does anyone, besides me, remember that this was NOT even his campaign slogan before the Republican National Convention? That he basically stole Obama’s campaign slogan?

McCain voted with Bush policies over 90% of the time.2 So, why should we believe he will do anything differently if he is elected? We already know he lies.

McCain mocked Obama for wanting change, until the polls indicated Obama was ahead. In response, he chose Sarah Palin as his running mate. And together they jumped off the Straight Talk Express and hijacked the change bandwagon. Desperate for a few extra voters, he chose an inexperienced, unknown Palin to get some attention. Did he really think picking a woman would somehow shock or enamor people enough to believe he really wants change despite his own voting record and words indicating otherwise? Did he really think he could sway Hillary supporters simply because Palin was a woman? Did he assume we were vagina voters?

Picking a conservative woman who emphatically supports Bush’s policies (albeit, clearly not understanding them)3 does not make you the best candidate for Presidency. Nor does it demonstrate a preference for real change. Choosing Palin simply demonstrated McCain’s hasty and poor decision-making skills. It is a shining example of the same old political shenanigans, saying and doing anything to get into office. How is that change?

Palin, like McCain, consistently supports Bush’s policies when questioned. They are not promoting real change, not the change we actually need in this country. They are doing nothing more than giving lip service to change. They will say whatever will help them win. And they are counting on all of us to ignore our common sense, while swallowing this cocktail of mis-information and half-truths fed to us by them through the media. Their records speak for themselves in contradicting the change they have so recently begun advocating. Another blogger has done an excellent job laying out specific examples for us, check it out.

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3 Responses to “McChange?”

  1. Terence Says:

    I thought you might be interested in checking out this blog entry Alaskan women reject Palin Rally

  2. Chris Hutcherson Says:

    Now that the Senate has passed the 700 billon bailout has McCains destiny been sealed?

  3. Meg Says:

    Hey Chris =)

    I don’t know if it has sealed his fate. The last two elections have demonstrated that anything can happen. As far as I can see, nothing can seal that man’s destiny in this election. He has lied repeatedly and been called on them. He chose an unqualified running mate who consistently looks like a fool. He is all over the place with regards to his campaign, his stances, his policies, his thoughts. He is erratic. And yet, he still has a strong base support.

    Most people are anti-voters. They insist on voting against moral issues. If you ask most people who support McCain why they support him, their answers are rarely coherent or honest. If they are honest it is one of three things… a moralistic anti-vote, corporate interests or a racial anti-vote.

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