Irony in the 3rd degree…

“Value voters” tend to be the biggest hypocrites. They go on and on about the importance of voting based on family values, abstinence, no abortions…blah, blah, blah…etc. Despite their superior morals, they seem to be plagued by the exact same symptoms of immorality as the rest of us. Their teenage daughters get pregnant and have abortions, even more so than liberals apparently1. They have drinking and drug problems. They cheat on their spouses2 and taxes3. They lie. They steal. Their priests molest children. They have gay sex.456789 None of this seems to distract them from asserting their superior morality and insisting people vote accordingly.

Quickly blaming the lefties for our immorality, curiously they are being ever-so-forgiving of Sarah Palin’s teenage daughter who is pregnant10. Rumors are even circulating questioning whether Palin’s youngest child is actually her child and not her 17 year old’s first child. Now, in and of itself, this is not something I would normally even comment upon, save the sadness you feel whenever someone too young gets pregnant. However, this is irony in the third degree given the “value” politics Mrs. Palin espouses and moreover, the hypocrisy of the “value voters” who are jumping to her defense.

Why is it when a liberal’s teenager gets pregnant the focus becomes the immoral way of life they have chosen, the evil of their ways? Lack of supervision, poor parenting, bad values, immorality, sexy clothes, access to inappropriate media are all the causes given by these value experts. Yet, when one of their own gets pregnant, they are quick to say, “Do not judge,” while foolishly rushing the kids to the altar to do what is right in their eyes. Teenage marriage doesn’t right teenage pregnancy. Nor does it reconcile the contradictory morals and unrealistic standards to which you expect the world to live.

It is irony that the highest abortion rates are found in the very “conservative” states that opposes abortion the most.11

We should not attack this girl personally, even if she is the daughter of a politician running for office. However, I think it is legitimate and necessary to question the conservative values espoused by Governor Palin, who unabashedly discusses her conservative values in order to win “value votes”. By your own over-exposed values, how does a mother of five with an infant and a teenager who is pregnant choose to run for Vice President? It would seem to me that your family would be more important. It is clear your family needs you right now more than McCain needs you as a token female vote-grabber.

We should examine the bigger picture as well. Teen pregnancy is not a moral problem, it is a realistic problem. Teens are having sex. WAKE UP and smell the lubricant! It is extremely important that we educate our children and allow them to be responsible. “Almost half (48%) of high school teens say they have had sex—an increase of 2% between 2005 and 2007, according to data released June 4, 2008, by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. During the same time period, the proportion of high school teens who say they used a condom the last time they had sex decreased 2%.”12 We must encourage open, honest communication with our teenagers. If you are busy judging them and demanding hypocritical moral standards… they will not talk to you. Period. This is true across all political views. Talk to your kids and teach responsibility of all forms; abstinence and contraceptives. Be realistic.

Palin is undoubtedly saddened by this event. Her baby is going to have a baby. As a mother she must be devastated. As a politician, she is certainly scandalized. As a values-pusher she is a hypocrite and she should be rethinking her judgmental stance on policing morality.

This is one more reason indicating this woman and her family are not ready to be in the White House. This is event is personal for her but shouldn’t her family come first? Palin should politely and respectfully step out of the limelight. And McCain should choose someone who is both ready politically and personally to be Vice President of the United States.

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4 Responses to “Irony in the 3rd degree…”

  1. Should Mccain and Obama Take on Teen Pregancy? Says:

    […] Irony in the 3rd degree… […]

  2. Terence Says:

    Please, do not get me started on all of the ironies of the ‘Value Voters’ and the ‘Value Candidates’! It gets really frustrating when those who propose that we all follow Christ and his teachings do things like start a war based on lies, get hooked on drugs or cheating on their wives.

    That comment link is hilariously sad though. I have no idea why the author thought typing sub staining was a synonym for abstaining, but he is incorrect.

  3. Meg Says:

    Exactly!!! You are exactly right. Hahahaha… =)

  4. Terence Says:

    More fun irony from AP, found on Yahoo!

    An article talking about Palin using her RNC Speech to fight back ends with:

    Certainly, her record deserves scrutiny, but I think we ought to look at her record,” campaign manager Rick Davis told reporters on a conference call. He condemned “the salacious nature” of some news stories designed to “throw dirt at our candidate.” He urged the media to “dial it back.”

    At the same time, Davis called for the same level of scrutiny on Obama and his running mate, Joe Biden.

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