How low can you go, McCain?

McCain’s campaign is all over the place. Picking the inexperienced Alaskan Governor Sarah “Barracuda” Palin1for his Vice Presidential running mate is the political equivalent of peeing in your pants to get attention. John McCain was getting no press coverage. Obama ran a political home run last night and McCain could not stand it, so he chose to announce his vp candidate, a token woman. And I emphasize the use of lower case ‘vp’ on purpose. This signifies what is to come for her if they should win office. She will be the token woman aiding McCain into the White House but quickly disregarded on every level of decision making once there. She will undoubtedly become the scapegoat for all that goes wrong and the puppet through which the greedy, power-hungry people will do their opportunistic bidding. Can you imagine how far back this will set the country, let alone the fight for equal opportunities for women? Her inexperience will be the folly that adds fuel to the anti-American rhetoric abroad, as well as the anti-feminist movement.

This is such a slap in the face to anyone who wanted Hillary to break through the glass ceiling. Her support did not come from just being born a woman. That was a side note, an added bonus if you will, to people who do wish women had equal rights and equal opportunities. However, I digress, despite my urges to explain in detail how important equality is today (and always), I will get back on topic. Hillary has experience and cares about this country. She has made positive, real change in our country’s policies, especially with regards to health care for children. Now, I am not saying Palin has not done anything positive, I do not know what she has done, yet. What I am saying is as a feminist, I am cringing. And as a political citizen, I am retching.

The fact that very little is known about her works in the McCain camp’s favor but against logical reasoning. She is wet behind the ears politically speaking, what if something happens to McCain? Is she really ready to become president? The irony almost goes without saying, almost. McCain has attacked Obama for months now on his “inexperience” while stealing his ideas only a few days later and now he chooses someone with even less experience? This defies logic, unless the logic is to gain political attention and perhaps the attention of some fringe voters completely fixated on getting any woman into the White House at any cost.

This is what I have read about Sarah Heath Palin so far… she is anti-choice (aka Pro-Life)2, supports teaching creationism in schools3, a lifetime member of the NRA, a former beauty pageant contestant (see picture) 45, pro death-penalty6, supports the 2nd Amendment (right to keep and bear arms), opposes privatizing social security (even funded a relief bonus check to senior citizens for extra aid), “strongly opposes” shifting our reliance to alternative fuel sources7. I need to do some more research but I find it particularly interesting her husband, Todd Palin, works for BP — the oil company and there is controversy over this and some legislation she tried to push through which would affect BP to the tune of multi-millions8. She agreed with Obama’s energy plan in as much as the gas line she wants to lay across her own her state to get cheaper gas to the U.S., she wants to open ANWR9, this being a long-term debate between capitalists and environmentalists over the effects. She doesn’t even believe humans have an effect on global warming and wants to remove the endangered species protection on the polar bear.10

I recommend you research her. I will continue to do so as well and then we can comment further. In so much as I have learned today I know she lacks in experience having only been a State Governor for 2 years and having served previously as a mayor of a small town (population less than 6,000).11 This hardly gives her the experience necessary to be Vice President.

While I do not know enough about Mrs. Palin to know if she is someone I would like personally, I do know enough about her to know I wouldn’t vote for her, especially not simply because she is a woman. And make no mistake about it, I am an ardent feminist. I am also a fan of Hillary Clinton. She was my candidate. She lost. I moved on. I support Barack, he has won me over completely. I agree with the policies he supports. Senator Obama and Senator Biden are the clear choice of any reasonable, rational person. If you have been paying attention at all, you must recognize this, unless of course your annual income is over 5 million.

Sarah “Barracuda” Palin does not have a long list of accomplishments nor the experience Hillary Clinton brought to the table. Nor does she have the national political experience that Biden clearly has. She is not prepared for this job. Sadly, she is the token female being used by the McCain camp to win over the imaginary disgruntled, dejected Hillary cast-aways. I think anyone who would have voted for Hillary, who would now swing towards McCain to spite Obama or because this vain gesture of picking a woman even McCain barely knows, doesn’t really know why Hillary was a good candidate, or for that matter, what is really important politically. I suggest they stop whatever they are doing politically and educate themselves, make an informed decision based on the real issues rather than relying on the news or superficial, irrelevant reasons for picking the people who will run our country.

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  1. Terence Says:

    When I first heard about Sarah Palin being the Republican vp pick I was wondering who the heck is she? So I investigated around. I found out what you found, and I also read that she is currently under investigation for abuse of power. I also asked a few people who I am positive are republicans what they thought. In an office of 4-5 people they asked me if the was picked just to try and get votes that might have gone to Hillary Clinton. My grandmother-in-law could only say this one thing about her The Democrats are really mad now, Obama refused Hillary and now McCain picked a woman to be vp. In one way or another everyone I spoke to acknowledged that she was merely a McCain pawn to be used and not a credible VP.

  2. Terence Says:

    I am sad. I thought this site used BBcode, but none of it worked in my last post.

  3. Meg Says:

    No worries…I fixed it up for you. It uses < and >… instead of [ and ].

  4. Terence Says:

    Can I comment now?

  5. Terence Says:

    Sorry Meg, but the goblins have found your website. I can’t read or comment on any of the old posts, only the last one you have written.

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