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What I love about January…

Sunday, January 2nd, 2011

I love the frosted mornings and the every day excuses to wear scarves, particularly ones that my dear friend knitted for me. I love hats pulled over my ears, gloves and boots to stomp around. I love the thick socks and the second layer of blankets, hands cupped around warm tea or chocolate. I love the possibility of snow days with those I love. I love the natural inclination to read more during the winter and while everyone else is complaining about how cold this winter has been… I giggle to know it has only just begun. =) I love the early evenings and the late mornings where January covers you thick with resistance to leave your warm, comfortable bed. I love the cold floor that nips at your toes encouraging you to call in just one time… to stay home and read or relax with no concern to the duties of making a living. I love the almost permanent twilight all month long. The deep of January where you learn to feel comfortable in your own skin, wearing yourself like a worn in favorite sweater, completely erasing the pretensions and insecurities of summer’s overexposure. I love inhaling the crisp air and seeing my every exhale reminding us how magical and real life is…

I love the calm after the rush, rush, rush of the holidays. I love receiving misplaced Christmas cards sent in haste a day too late… but just in time to be set apart from all the others. I love the unique sound snow makes when you first walk on it and the palpable excitement when children realize it snowed the night before—eagerly dressing 4 times over to play all day! I love red noses and hands rubbing together. I love the wool and thick cottons, extra layers and blasts of heat when you first come in. I love the warm soups and the grilled cheese sandwiches. I love returning TV shows and reminiscing about yesteryear. I love the hope unique in January, the motivation that pushes so many to try and try again to be just a little bit better.

What I love about SEPTEMBER…

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

I love love love September for so many reasons.

I love that August is over, summer is closing down, sending the sun home early at night to prepare for an earlier rise, to save a bit of our energy…allowing us to unwind from the long, hot days of summer. September is fresh grown apples (my favorite!) and sweet potatoes, oranges and reds and vibrant yellows gently surrounding us. It is leaves falling all shades of golden carried by the sweet September breeze coaxing the trees to let go of their deep greens in favor of the more interesting crimsons and burnt siennas and goldenrods. It is Fall. Autumn. My favorite time of year. I love September because of one my very favorite people in the entire world was born this month. I love it because it is a time of new beginnings. Distinct in its efforts to meld two of the harshest seasons together, a feat of wondrous proportions. A transitional season of beautiful colors and delicious harvests, a nip at night just enough for a sweater and I love sweaters! It is the relief from 100 degree days melting into one another, parching my energy. It is the rain that restores everything alive…everything the summer scorched.

I love September for soups and rooted vegetables. I love it for its early nights begging to be filled with the comfort of literary treasures new and old. I love September for its crisp mornings and breathtaking views. It is when the birds return to warmer places for the preparation of colder months ahead.

I really, really love September!