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All she can see…

Friday, May 27th, 2011


Image by Rupert Merlin

Photo taken by Rupert Merlin


It was this tree that saved her with its gnarled branches knotting distant the pain and stretching towards freedom for her. She held fast to the hope one day she’d find a way out. A way to escape the war raging within, cancer eating every part of her, leaving her stranded useless. Her mind wished to climb to the very tip of the tree and fall into life again, to feel the air like dreams bursting past with all the fervor she once felt. If she could just find a way to the other side where life remained and death was not welcome. She knew the secret was the in that tree, the one that reached tall into hope and siphoned it to her when little else could. It stood steady her constant companion reminding her it wasn’t over yet, that cancer had not won, would not win. It was just a bit of a climb to this side of happy, “see…over here, watch me, I’ll show you. To this side of life.” And it would wait patient the days, reliable the nights. It would never give up on her. Even when she felt she could not remember what it felt like to laugh without the lingering veil of diseased truth choking her silent. Even when she felt herself a stranger in happy boots waiting eager to play in the rain once more. The tree sloughed free its leaves to remind her everything will return again, some day. It always does. And so will she.

And so will she.

Trees, please…

Saturday, June 5th, 2010

I love love love love trees… they are magical, beautiful and they clean up the air for us… provide us with places to read and escape the rain and the bright rays of the sun…


The same tree—in winter…


 Read on to enjoy more beautiful trees…  (more…)

What is Arbor Day?

Friday, April 17th, 2009

Next week on April 24th, 2009 is Arbor Day in the United States. So, what is Arbor Day?

Julius Sterling Morton, a journalist and a politician, founded the first Arbor Day in Nebraska. He long advocated tree-planting because he realized the importance of trees to the local landscape and economy. He was appointed to the state board of agriculture and this is where Arbor Day was born.

Morton proposed designating one day a year to plant trees or to inform others the importance of trees. April 10, 1872 was the very first Arbor Day designated by Morton himself. On this day more than one million trees were planted. The 2nd Arbor Day did not officially take place for another 12 years after it was declared an official state holiday in Nebraska. In the years following other states declared their own Arbor Days. Almost a century went by before President Richard Nixon proclaimed the last Friday in April National Arbor Day in 1970. Since then this is when we celebrate it here in the United States.

In years to follow other countries have joined in. Some call their day and/or week Arbor Day/week, some have a different name for it but all educate about the importance of trees and plant trees during this time.

Trees provide us with oxygen, clean air, shelter, shade, a place to cool off, medicine, food, tools, clean soil. Trees control noise pollution, slow storm water runoff, act as wind breakers. Trees store excess carbon—helping maintain a livable temperature on this planet. Trees are beautiful and increase property values. Trees are home to many species big and small…almost all birds. Trees inspire art, give you the perfect place to read. Children love to climb them. They are invaluable in so many ways.

So. Plant a tree. Plant more than one. It is the least you could do. =)

For more information on what you can do to help or to get involved you can visit the Arbor Day website. If you live outside of the United States you can find out when Arbor Day or something similar is celebrated in your country here.