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Thanks Tree

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Thanks Tree, originally uploaded by prospurring (Anne).

I am thankful for so much today. Let me list a few of the things…

Friends. Family. Love. A roof over my head. Warm clothes. Electricity. Good food. Red. Books. Reading. Time to steal away to read. Smiling. Hugs. Birds. The hummingbabies and chickadees, crows and puffins. The ability to be grateful, especially for the small things.

I am thankful for you.

Happy, happy, happy, happppppppyyyy Thanksgiving.

Gratitude Journal

Monday, July 12th, 2010

In efforts to be more cognisant of the good in my life, in this world… I am going to keep a gratitude journal and write gratitude letters. I will start today!

I am grateful for a cool breeze, particularly during summer. I am grateful for ice. I am really really grateful for the love I feel every day by those people in my life and the love I feel for them. I am grateful for time to spend with them. I am grateful for books, publishers and authors! =) I am grateful for my ability to type so quickly… and to think. I am grateful that at any time I can pick up the phone, walk in another room or get online and connect with someone who genuinely cares about me and I about them.

The world AND people are mostly good.