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Saturday, October 30th, 2010

28/365 Rain, originally uploaded by kristineinindonesia.

Outside, water was suspended in the air like a science experiment–an experiment that had been going on for thousands of years, and constituted the weather…

Nicole Krauss in her new book, “Great House

I absolutely love the way she weaves words together and stitches complex human emotions into every sentence. This book is definitely worth getting. And if you are not familiar with her work, you will almost inevitably love her first book, “The History of Love“.

Raining reflection

Thursday, September 9th, 2010

, originally uploaded by john curley.

How do we see ourselves? Is it through our own sense of self, completely independent of others? Or is it through others? Is our sense of self, our perception of ourselves just a reflection of what others see?

I struggle with this concept because I am a hope mongrel, a believer, a friendly fiend. =) I believe every person has good in them, has the potential to be something great and mostly everyone wants to be good. Wants to be nice. Wants to be lovely. Some just don’t know how. And when you believe the best in and OF people, reflections are murky sometimes.

Sometimes people do not choose to be good, do not choose to be nice. And when I focus my time on these people who continuously choose not to do the right thing, who choose to live in a way that doesn’t feel right for me… I find I like my reflection a little bit less. It skews just a fraction, just enough to feel ‘off’.

I realize I cannot, should not, be entirely defined by another person, yet aren’t we reflected back to ourselves by every person we encounter, every moment and every choice in how we fill each of them, every interaction of every day. Aren’t we a sum total of our experiences? And when we choose to fill our time with people who do not reflect what or who we want to be it becomes difficult to discern just exactly what we are seeing from what we think we are seeing. And some days… I just don’t know anymore.

I miss my reflection in the soft rain for which Seattle is so famous. I am thankful summer is almost over and Autumn is taking over. Rain, rain, come again! =) I am ready for a new season, a new reflection. I am ready for new… or old… but not the same.

There is nothing…

Monday, June 28th, 2010

…a good pair of rainboots and stripey socks can’t handle…no road too broken, no hill too high, no sadness too deep, no situation too mussed.

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Oh, the road gets so bumpy and rain falls. Good thing I love rain, love, love, love it. And bumpy roads make for great photographs, don’t they? I will move forward through the muddy times, through the sadness, through the tears and find new photographs to take, new books to read, new friends to make, new adventures, new cubbies to explore.

Life is all about the cobblestone and rubber boots. It is all about the rain and the struggles and the unexpected connections. It is about the frailty and exposed state of being exactly who you are…