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Thursday, September 18th, 2008


The only policy change McCain has demonstrated during this election is his willingness to forego his own honesty, transparency and straight talk policies. Change is not John McCain’s strong suit (please see the following footnote for some examples reinforcing this statement)1. Does anyone, besides me, remember that this was NOT even his campaign slogan before the Republican National Convention? That he basically stole Obama’s campaign slogan?

McCain voted with Bush policies over 90% of the time.2 So, why should we believe he will do anything differently if he is elected? We already know he lies.

McCain mocked Obama for wanting change, until the polls indicated Obama was ahead. In response, he chose Sarah Palin as his running mate. And together they jumped off the Straight Talk Express and hijacked the change bandwagon. Desperate for a few extra voters, he chose an inexperienced, unknown Palin to get some attention. Did he really think picking a woman would somehow shock or enamor people enough to believe he really wants change despite his own voting record and words indicating otherwise? Did he really think he could sway Hillary supporters simply because Palin was a woman? Did he assume we were vagina voters?


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McCain + The Economy = Disaster

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Economy is not John McCain’s strong suit. Don’t take my word for it…take his.

“The issue of economics is not something I’ve understood as well as I should.1

“I know a lot less about economics than I do about military or foreign policy issues.2

“I don’t know how bad it [the mortgage crisis] is gonna get, and obviously the worse it gets then the more there is a role for government. But I can’t come down yet and give you a specific solution because I don’t claim to be smart enough….I’d love to give you a solution, but I don’t know.3

“I don’t believe we’re headed into a recession. I believe the fundamentals of this economy are strong, and I believe they will remain strong.4

“I am not an expert on Wall Street, I am not an expert on some of this stuff.5

In an interview on Fox News on April 6, 2008 Chris Wallace asked McCain the following question: “What would you do to help the thousands of Americans who right now are in the process of losing their homes? Or do you feel, as you said in your speech, that’s not the duty of government?”

McCain replied, “Look, Americans are hurting right now. They don’t know if they have to get another job. The challenges are enormous right now. The key to it is not to bail out people who speculated or people who engaged in unsavory practices. The key to it is get the lender and the borrower together. We know how hard that is because of identifying the lender, but there’s ways to do it. Of course there’s a role for government, but it’s not to reward greedy speculators. It is not to reward people who misbehave. And it certainly isn’t a huge expenditure of taxpayers’ dollars which, in the long run, could exacerbate the problems that exist.6

When asked if Americans are better off now (in the beginning of 2008) than they were eight years ago, McCain replied as follows:7

“You could argue that Americans overall are better off, because we have had a pretty good prosperous time, with low unemployment and low inflation and a lot of good things have happened. A lot of jobs have been created. But let’s have some straight talk. Things are tough right now. Americans are uncertain about this housing crisis. Americans are uncertain about the economy, as we see the stock market bounce up and down. But I think what we’re trying to do to fix this economy is important. We’ve got to address the subprime housing problem. We need to make the Bush tax cuts permanent, which I voted for twice to do so. I think we need to eliminate the alternate minimum tax…I think we are better off overall if you look at the entire eight-year period, when you look at the millions of jobs that have been created, the improvement in the economy, etc.”

At least he recognized and expressed some economic concerns coming into this year. Maybe he is an optimist? I have my doubts based on the campaign he has been running thus far and his voting record but we will give him the benefit of the doubt until we do a little more research.

Even on the same day we saw a 500 point drop in the market, McCain insisted the fundamentals of our economy were strong. See previous post: McCain not economically fit to be President. I digress, I will address, in detail, the fundamental difference in what is fundamental to the average citizen, how that differs from what is fundamental to John McCain and how his policies clearly demonstrate this, in another post.

I could continue to cite quotes made by John McCain indicating his own inexperience and ignorance with regards to the economy but I will allow you to do some research yourself. Here is an informative link to begin.

Economy is the biggest concern right now.

It is irresponsible and foolish to assume all information presented in commercials is true, even the approved commercials. It is irresponsible to blindly take anyone’s word on it, even mine! This is why I try to provide links, sources, etc. I realize you are tired. I know you are busy. But it is our responsibility as citizens to be informed. Do not take commercials at face value, especially commercials endorsed by either party or anyone else for that matter. I beg you to research the information presented for yourself. This is exactly what I’ve done with this entire election. I have researched the candidates, the issues and even the economy.

I went to McCain’s website and read his economic plan, though much to my dismay it was written in doublespeak.8 Luckily, I am a diligent researcher who can and will dig through the hyperbole and fluff to find out what he is really saying.

I will save this discussion for another post.

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McCain is not economically fit to be president

Wednesday, September 17th, 2008

Finally! An ad I APPROVE! LOL!

How low can you go, McCain?

Friday, August 29th, 2008

McCain’s campaign is all over the place. Picking the inexperienced Alaskan Governor Sarah “Barracuda” Palin1for his Vice Presidential running mate is the political equivalent of peeing in your pants to get attention. John McCain was getting no press coverage. Obama ran a political home run last night and McCain could not stand it, so he chose to announce his vp candidate, a token woman. And I emphasize the use of lower case ‘vp’ on purpose. This signifies what is to come for her if they should win office. She will be the token woman aiding McCain into the White House but quickly disregarded on every level of decision making once there. She will undoubtedly become the scapegoat for all that goes wrong and the puppet through which the greedy, power-hungry people will do their opportunistic bidding. Can you imagine how far back this will set the country, let alone the fight for equal opportunities for women? Her inexperience will be the folly that adds fuel to the anti-American rhetoric abroad, as well as the anti-feminist movement.

This is such a slap in the face to anyone who wanted Hillary to break through the glass ceiling. Her support did not come from just being born a woman. That was a side note, an added bonus if you will, to people who do wish women had equal rights and equal opportunities. However, I digress, despite my urges to explain in detail how important equality is today (and always), I will get back on topic. Hillary has experience and cares about this country. She has made positive, real change in our country’s policies, especially with regards to health care for children. Now, I am not saying Palin has not done anything positive, I do not know what she has done, yet. What I am saying is as a feminist, I am cringing. And as a political citizen, I am retching.

The fact that very little is known about her works in the McCain camp’s favor but against logical reasoning. She is wet behind the ears politically speaking, what if something happens to McCain? Is she really ready to become president? The irony almost goes without saying, almost. McCain has attacked Obama for months now on his “inexperience” while stealing his ideas only a few days later and now he chooses someone with even less experience? This defies logic, unless the logic is to gain political attention and perhaps the attention of some fringe voters completely fixated on getting any woman into the White House at any cost.

This is what I have read about Sarah Heath Palin so far… she is anti-choice (aka Pro-Life)2, supports teaching creationism in schools3, a lifetime member of the NRA, a former beauty pageant contestant (see picture) 45, pro death-penalty6, supports the 2nd Amendment (right to keep and bear arms), opposes privatizing social security (even funded a relief bonus check to senior citizens for extra aid), “strongly opposes” shifting our reliance to alternative fuel sources7. I need to do some more research but I find it particularly interesting her husband, Todd Palin, works for BP — the oil company and there is controversy over this and some legislation she tried to push through which would affect BP to the tune of multi-millions8. She agreed with Obama’s energy plan in as much as the gas line she wants to lay across her own her state to get cheaper gas to the U.S., she wants to open ANWR9, this being a long-term debate between capitalists and environmentalists over the effects. She doesn’t even believe humans have an effect on global warming and wants to remove the endangered species protection on the polar bear.10


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