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Clandestine pockets of people

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

a sus pies, originally uploaded by LuisBeltrán.

There are some moments I feel so profoundly alone, even in the midst of many. I know I am not unique in this way, we all feel alone from time to time. It is frightening how isolated a moment can feel. How permanent. Even if we know time never stands still, moments can feel solid in a way words cannot capture. I have been feeling very lonely lately. And afraid of something, though it is not quite ready to be articulated, perhaps even to me, but it lingers right in my core. And knots me up in a disconcerting way.

In these cold moments I try to remember there must be clandestine pockets of people just like me all over the world. And it is my great fortune to have the adventure in life to find them.