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If I were consistent…

Monday, March 15th, 2010

If I were consistent, I would update this site each day and regale you with colorful thoughts that cross my mind. I would place my political beliefs in the display at the window in my mind. I would bring you to tears with sorrows we’ve all been felt too deep to explain. I would make you laugh out loud so your colleagues think you are mad. I would share with you whimsical photographs of books I’ve long since read.

If I were consistent, I would delight you with my melancholy poetry or write you a story to help you escape the doldrums of your todays. I would whisk you into my everyday imaginations, creative adventures. I would photo-journal my expressive birthday gift adventures, my valentine’s day crafted love notes. I would fill your ears with the musical compilations that help me relax or sleep or cry or smile or feel connected to the human race again.

If I were consistent, I would ramble on and on and on about the healthcare reform or the caucasians in the United States becoming the minorities or the Irish mobsters hanging about in my family tree. I would scan in the pictures of birds or snap a few of the hummingbabies that visit me all day, every day. I would write elaborate, in-depth reviews of the books I devour. I would tell you how much I love my new Nook, I would tell you I got one for Valentine’s Day and I would tell you just how lovely a gift that was for that holiday, how fitting it was for me.

I would roll the vernacular dice and win your devotion, inviting you to visit 21 times a day just to see if I updated my silly blog, if I were consistent.