McCain and Spain…Oh the disdain!

Is foreign policy John McCain’s strong suit?

In an interview with Radio Caracol Miami John McCain demonstrated his lack of even the most basic knowledge of the leaders of the world, not even knowingeven a leader of a country that is a member of NATO and our ally.

He stumbled over some pre-planned script in his head that was irrelevant to the question she was asking. She simply wanted to know if McCain is elected President of the US, if he will meet with Prime Minister Zapatero, of Spain. Finally, after listening to him ramble on and on about Mexico and Latin America she had to cut to the chase because it was clear he simply wasn’t getting who Zapatero was at this point in the interview:

“Ok, what about you? I am talking about the President of Spain…ok are you willing to meet with him if you are elected President?”

There are three possibilities for his use of doublespeak in this interview:

1. He confused Spain’s Prime Minister Zapatero with a Zapatista, an armed revolutionary group based in Chiapas, Mexico,
2. He thinks Spain is really south of our border and part of Latin America,
3. He simply doesn’t know who the Prime Minister of Spain is and isn’t willing to admit not knowing.

Not one of these options demonstrate a solid foundation for “good” foreign policy. It sounds eerily reminiscent of Bush to me. How is this basic foreign knowledge change?

We need a leader in this country who can use diplomacy and tact, rather than resorting to military might. We need to reclaim our political legitimacy. This is ridiculous. Why doesn’t every candidate have to take a basic course: Current Foreign Leaders 101? DIPLOMACY 99? POLITICAL HISTORY 100? GEOGRAPHY (HS equivalency level, perhaps? at least?)

I think we should pass a new ACT. We could ask Bush to fund it, we’ll call it the NO PRESIDENT LEFT BEHIND ACT.

The ridiculous discussion about Spain starts at around 2:58:

Just say no to that bridge to Palin, too!

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