What a week we are heading into…

Today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Wikipedia even tells us that MLK Day is not only celebrated in the U.S., it is also celebrated in Hiroshima, Japan by Mayor Tadatoshi Akiba, who holds a special banquet at the mayor’s office as an act of unifying his city’s call for peace with King’s message of human rights.

Kudos, Japan. Arigatou (Thank you!)!

And tomorrow is history in the making. It is a monumental for our country, the world and me personally. I am so excited for Obama and for the rest of us. It is challenging to comprehend the magnitude of this event, let alone absorb it. Suffice to say, we have all waited a very long time for tomorrow.

Anyone going to the Inauguration? How cool would that be? I can’t wait to watch it, to see the pictures, the stories… I am almost drooling!

I started to cry when I read that Michelle Obama and Jill Biden will be hosting the “Kids’ Inaugural: We are the Future” at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. and airing on Disney! How cool are they? This is to honor the children of military families. I like these women. They care. It is obvious.

We are fortunate to have not only a new Administration coming in but this one.

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2 Responses to “Arigatou”

  1. Rupert Says:

    Its been great to watch all the news feeds coming from the US about Obama taking over and it fills most of the people I know with a renewed hope.

    A slight aside, was watching a news feed from the Fox Network and the ignorant “F” of a reporter was saying “Only in America do we see a smooth peacefull change over of power from one political party to another” What does he think the rest of the democratic world do? a shoot out in Downing St? A mass brawl on the Champs Elysées? lol! Fox Network is owned By the same toss pot that owns Sky and is obviously employing idiots as the same sort of things get said on there as well. Mind you he has to employ idiots to make him look better.

    Have a great day America and welcome back!

  2. Terence Says:

    I have a close friend who is at the inauguration. She went there with 4 fellow teachers and 50 students. I know she is taking a ton of pictures which I will be requesting and posting as soon as I can!

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