Happy St. George’s Day!

Well, every day we learn something new. Or we should. And today, I learned about St. George. He is the Patron Saint of England. According to legends, he was a dragon slayer and a crusader. While many do not really celebrate St. George’s Day, it is still a holiday,  April 23rd of every year. So, next year… google it, research it… go to the library even and read about it.  And then let’s see if we can celebrate it in a fun way, shall we? Where we here in the United States and Ireland celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, this is England’s equivalent. Albeit, they are less enthusiastically celebrating it these days…

Another note of interest, St. George’s Day is celebrated in Catalonia as “The Day of the Rose”. According to Wikipedia1,

…since 1436,’The Day of the Rose’ is a day where the exchange of gifts between sweethearts, loved ones and respected ones is effectuated. It would be the analogous to Valentine’s Day. Although the World Book and Copyright Day has been celebrating since 1995 internationally, the first time that books where also exchanged in ‘The Day of the Rose’ in Catalonia, was in 1926; also to commemorate the death of Cervantes and Shakespeare.

And this same day is also the UNESCO International Day of the Book and Copyright.

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2 Responses to “Happy St. George’s Day!”

  1. Rupert Says:

    We, on the whole, don’t celebrate St Georges day because it has been hijacked by nationalists who use it as an excuse to berate multicultural England.

    It is making something of a come back but its in the form of the “St Georges day Lets get pissed” day, similar to the Irish St Patricks day where consuming vast quantities of beer is the norm. However where St Paddies day is normally quite jovial and friendly St Georges day normally results in fist fights.

    However the 23rd April is also celebrated here because it is Shakespears Birthday!

  2. Me Says:

    **laugh** Yes, this is what I learned. How fun!! Fist fights and beer! **laugh** St. Patrick’s Day is the same here.

    Thanks for the comment! How fun to learn new things! =) Particularly about another country. I think the Catalonian celebration is fantastic! =) Celebrate that instead!

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