Pink Ribbons and Profits

Milking Cancer from Breast Cancer Action on Vimeo.

Disgusting. Shame on you Milk companies. And on New Balance. I just learned that they have a yearly cap on how much they donate—and we all know how much they must make off the pink ribbon. People want to buy things as a feel-good thing. The pink ribbon indicates money will be going towards breast cancer awareness or research. Any item sold with it that doesn’t have any portion going to the cause should not be sold. This is horrendous.

A wag of the finger to you New Balance. Pity. I own your shoes, a bag… all with pink ribbons. I won’t be buying from you again until you decide to lift the ‘cap’. That is the responsible thing to do. Period. And I will tell my friends and tell them to tell their friends etc. etc. Women talk…and we should walk right out of your stores empty handed and see how much profit you’ll make with informed consumers.

Consumers beware! Think before you pink… its a company that will help you be an informed consumer. You should know exactly how much companies donning the pink ribbon actually give to the cause and if there is a limit etc.

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