The English have had enough!

Some 4,000 marchers were outside the Bank of England in protest for “Financial Fools Day.” “This is about making it shameful to be a banker,” said Annabel Acton, 25, a consultant. “I’ve come here today so we can engage in a peaceful protest and vent our anger against the greed of the financial institution.They are dealers in death…”

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I wanted to share this news story because it is worth sharing. The English have had enough of the greedy banking institutions leeching them poor. It is disgusting that they have gotten away with it as long as they have. I commend all those people standing up for justice—standing against the financial tyranny. I know this would not work in the United States because our government carries big guns and they are not afraid to use them against us (or anyone).

Thank you for having the courage to stand up for all of us who cannot stand with you. The elderly who saved all of their lives and are now destitute. The parents who worked hard to save for their children’s educations who are now scrambling to pay for their children’s college just to keep up in this failing economy. Thank you for standing up against the greed—the corruption. You are doing the right thing—no matter how the media tries to paint it. Enough is enough!


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4 Responses to “The English have had enough!”

  1. Terence Says:

    I know it gets very hard to believe, but I do think that a protest would work just as well in the United States. I see the problem more as not enough people care or know enough to care. There has been an effective financial and legal assault on our school systems and colleges that have left a large portion of the population ignorant and compliant to those who know how to feed off of it. This allows the government to get away with a lot more then they should cause people just don’t know that they could and should fight back.

  2. Meg Says:

    You have a point. Too many people are apathetic. The same is true in England and every other country. However, those are not the people who would rally against financial tyranny anyways. I am referring to those who would. It is not a matter of apathy for all of us. Rather than a lack of anger, upset or motivation—I think it is fear. For eight years we have been under a cruel police State—we are just seeing the light.

  3. Rupert Says:

    The Climate Camp is still camped outside the bank of England and is planning on staying there until the whole fiasco finishes.
    My niece is there and told me that it was fairly good natured and the only real bit of trouble was when around five decided to attack the Royal Bank of Scotland, smashing its windows etc. There has been some violence where the police have waded in with batons but nothing to major. (the article says 20 demonstrators were involved in the attack on RBS but there were nothing like this number)

    Last weekend there was a march in London prior to the start of the G20 with over 35,000 people attending. It was 100% peaceful.

  4. Meg Says:

    Fantastic. Thanks for sharing the extra information on this story. I think it speaks to the tolerance level, the emotional climate of the past almost decade.

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