CEO’s are overcompensated

I think Hasbro and Mattel should build more factories in the U.S. and pay a proper living wage to their employees. They can cut their CEO’s salary — sheesh! That guy makes over 5.2 billion dollars after all his “extras”. Even without his extras (bonuses, stocks etc.), he makes $800,000. I hardly think he does that much work. I am not a socialist but I do believe the cut throat capitalism we are practising right now is not work, obviously. Look, Brian Goldern, if you would give up some of your excessive pay, open some American factories and pay some American workers…but not necessarily close all the Chinese factories…then this would create jobs and boost the economy. When workers have jobs, they buy crap, your crap even. So, stop being greedy and do what it is right. Are Chinese people buying toys with their paychecks? I don’t think so. The majority of the toys on our shelves (9 out of 10) are made in China. So, the Chinese are underpaid. Certainly…this saves you a few duckets than you gladly pocket. However, what do they do with the rest of their paycheck? Pay their bills IN CHINA, shop IN CHINA, buy food IN CHINA, pay retailers IN CHINA. So, it is helping their economy and ours is suffering. Now, we are heading quickly into a depression. And we are not buying, not even the cheap lead-coated crap from China. So, you lose too. How about some real corporate social responsibility. When a society is thriving, it helps you too. Get it?

I reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy think for the next 4 years we should have mandatory soft capitalism. If you gauge our eyes out with prices which will line your pockets, you pay exorbitant taxes. The more you charge, the more you pay, exponentially. If you are responsible and charge what you need to cover your costs and get some profit, then you are rewarded with tax breaks. See how simple this would be? No one needs to be making $800,000 a year, let alone $5.2 million. Gah!

When will one of these companies start making the right decisions, decisions that benefit everyone? We will never get out of a depression unless we fix the problems that caused it: deregulation, corporate greed with no restraints, no employee protection, price gauging, and job loss. We need to keep jobs in our country and in other countries, we could do this if we were more savvy than greedy.

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  1. Rupert Says:

    Great Post Meg!
    I am quite happy to admit to being a socialist, all be it one of the soft kind. It is disgusting how the big corporations around the world use the excuse of cheap third world labour to boost their profits. The countries they use often have much lower environmental and work place standards than the first world. It wouldn’t be so bad if they ensured that the same working conditions, wages and environmental standards were the same as they would have to have back home.

  2. Meg Says:

    Thanks! I have a lot more thoughts on this, of course. =) I am really tired of how they are gauging our eyes out, even amidst the beginnings of a depression. Shame on them! Sheesh!

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