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Sunday, March 18th, 2012

I love corny jokes. They are the best. And so, I decided to look up the origins of “corny”.

As for “corny,” meaning trite, overly sentimental or schmaltzy, we can probably trace the term to, believe it or not, the mail-order seed catalogs popular in turn of the century America. To hold their customers’ interest, seed firms would sprinkle jokes, cartoons, stories and riddles throughout their catalogs. The jokes, being of singularly low quality, came to be known as “corn catalog jokes,” which was then shortened to simply “corny” and eventually applied to anything considered embarrassingly unsophisticated.1

Q. What did the mother broom say to the baby broom?

A. Time to go to sweep.

Q. Where does a general keep his army?

A. In his sleevey

Q.  Did you hear what happened to the Italian chef that died?

A. He pasta -away.

I went to the video store and asked to borrow Batman Forever. They said, “No, you have to bring it back tomorrow.”

A horse walks into the bar and the bartender says, “Hey” and the horse says, “Sure”.



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Writing for writing’s sake…

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

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It seems in the inertia of my life I have lost time for writing for writing’s sake… to just write because it helps free my mind of the flurry of words within threatening to bury me in an emotional avalanche. I miss spilling my thoughts onto paper, inking them permanent or stamping the pain from memories with every stroke of the keyboard. I miss the inherent reach for any number of journals waiting dutifully within arm’s length. I miss my silent papered friend forgoing judgment, bypassing all niceties for the nitty-gritty of reality.

I think I’d like to return my hand to paper, to journal, to write, to conjure all that is swirling inside to flow through a pen into something trivial, a little less chaotic.


Monday, April 5th, 2010

“He cannot mess it up, not this one, not her. He doesn’t know why but he recognises that this one is different, this one is necessary to him. It’s an unaccountable thought.”

 — Maggie O’Farrell The Hand That First Held Mine

I am reeled in and cast off, all by you. And I know it is not intentional. You are but a carrot dangled before me, and I, a starving soul, am conditioned to follow nourishment. Are you a figment of my imagination? I cannot tell anymore. I know logically I did not make you up but didn’t I? Fear of this causes me to dig in my heels and stay silent, still…unfettered by the obvious, needed, lure before me. Perhaps they will not notice me following. Perhaps, they will stop urging me towards their versions of reality. I cannot be tainted more than I am. I was already headed in this direction… that you are before me is a fortunate coincidence, serendipity.


And so, I ingest each word you write but fear sending my replies. I feel you are a trick, a way to prove a point… to validate some negative verdict about me. To invalidate a thread of good seen in me. They are probably right. They are probably wrong. It is all a matter of perspective. We are as a society so willing to prove the frailty of others… the wrongs… that which is discardable to us. Relegating a person unsuitable of our time, of our compassion. We want so much to prove the rest of the world is just as unworthy as we feel. And I want no part of that. I will come just as I am and be wretched and beautiful, imperfect, me.

“She’ll have many incarnations in her time.”

— Maggie O’Farrell The Hand That First Held Mine

I am fallible. I do not trust easy, perhaps not at all on some levels. I am emotional, embarrassingly quick or painfully slow to react. I expect immediate responses and take offense when I do not receive them but think nothing of my own folly in the sense of timing, though I do none of it out of mischief or malevolence.

I have caused my fair share of sadness, anger, pain in this world unintentionally, but if whomever is holding the stick that dangles you before me thinks they can pass sweeping judgment on me for sharing love, for being who I am… they are mistaken. I am. I always have been and all emotional crimes—all life crimes have been self-punished many times over.  I have already played unrelenting the judge, the jury and the executioner… I am punished without mercy within the imprisonment of my thinking, thinking, thinking—constantly thinking—mind. And I suffer… and I repent. And I survive.

My weakness for words, for raw emotions gets the best of me. You feel that. You crave that part and get the worst of me. And I still exist somewhere in the middle… two blocks west of left field, in a town we both could navigate with our eyes closed… and still, I am lost and unsteady but I cannot help to follow you, if you are going in the same direction.

Beyond the Palin

Friday, October 10th, 2008

“I have always thought the actions of men the best interpreters of their thoughts.” — Socrates

This new approach by the McDesperate campaign is completely wrong. It is not just about the campaign, it is about endangering someone else’s life. What kind of President would McCain make if he is willing to encourage blatant xenophobia, giving a socially acceptable face to racism. Stirring up this kind of hate in the fringe lunatics is dangerous. It does not help McCain’s campaign but it does put Barack Obama in harm’s way.

We have had some twenty years of fear shoved down our throats. ENOUGH!

Obama is NOT a terrorist.
Obama is NOT a Muslim.
Obama is NOT an elitist.
Obama is NOT going to raise anyone’s taxes.
Obama is NOT pretending to be something he is not.

Stop with the lies. You are the terrorist, John McCain. You invoke terror in the ignorant and the frightened, you try to get others to believe Obama is palling around with a terrorist. This is simply not true. He is not a threat to our country or to the citizens.

Shame on you John McCain for inciting fear and hate. It is simply NOT acceptable.

This is one more way you demonstrate how you are not prepared to be President. You can’t even run a political campaign that is different than the last two. Act responsibly. What kind of Senator puts a fellow Senator in harm’s way? Not the kind we need in Washington.

You should stop asking, “Who is Barack Obama?” and start asking who you want to be… you are a bit old to be struggling like you are with identity issues. You have changed your stance on almost every issue during this campaign and now when we are headed straight for a depression, and you are losing, so you are milking the xenophobia surrounding Obama but you not stopping there. You are filling the minds of hate-mongers with rhetoric and encouraging them to get more riled up. These people are dangerous. Why would you allow a crowd that you stand before to scream obscenities and ridiculous but harmful lies and not say SOMETHING? Do you hope someone will kill Obama? Is that your plan? Is that your campaign strategy? Is that your hope? If not, then stop inciting so much anger and hate towards him. You are trying to win an election, I hope not trying to get someone killed.

Who are YOU, John Sidney McCain? A spineless, corrupt Corporatist willing to say anything and do anything to become President, even if it means getting another Senator killed? The man who pushed for deregulation and now is full of empty rhetoric about regulation? The man wanting to help out corporations and banks while taxing the American people? The man who didn’t utter change until it worked for Obama in the polls? The man who talks about supporting veterans but hasn’t?

Who is Barack “Hussein” Obama? Watch for yourself…

Barack is a man with a strange name…so what!? Barack is more like you and me then John McCain will ever be. Do not allow these scare-tactics to immobilize your common sense, please.

Stop for a moment and breathe. Listen to the quiet voice of reason. Watch the video, let go of the ridiculous rhetoric on the five o’clock news. Obama wants to help make this country what it once was, to restore the balance of wealth and power to the majority of people. Obama wants to help us get out of the recession and live a better quality life. He wants to help us live the American dream. McCain wants to be President and wants to help the Corporations. We can help business by helping ourselves first.

Welcome the Crowtation!

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

I thought using nifty graphics to manage the use of quotations would be nice. Then, I thought adding quotations to a site named crowgyrls… hrm… quotations… crow… quo… crowtations!!!! Clever little devil that I am… or think I am. Yay! Then I googled the word and well, I was not the first bird brain to come up with this word but I will use it anyways for block quotes on this site. So, here goes… one of our favorite quotes.

Living with integrity means: Not settling for less than what you know you deserve in your relationships. Asking for what you want and need from others. Speaking your truth, even though it might create conflict or tension. Behaving in ways that are in harmony with your personal values. Making choices based on what you believe, and not what others believe.” — Barbara De Angelis