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Thanks Tree

Thursday, November 25th, 2010

Thanks Tree, originally uploaded by prospurring (Anne).

I am thankful for so much today. Let me list a few of the things…

Friends. Family. Love. A roof over my head. Warm clothes. Electricity. Good food. Red. Books. Reading. Time to steal away to read. Smiling. Hugs. Birds. The hummingbabies and chickadees, crows and puffins. The ability to be grateful, especially for the small things.

I am thankful for you.

Happy, happy, happy, happppppppyyyy Thanksgiving.

On the wings of hope…

Friday, June 11th, 2010

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is so profoundly sad. It is causing widespread damages that we cannot even begin to access or understand accurately. It is such a shame. And most people feel so helpless… what can we do?

Well, when 5th grade Olivia Bouler heard about the oil spill in the place she vacations with her family, she sat down to write a letter with an offer to help the birds…

And so began “Save the Gulf” operation between Olivia, her drawings and the Audubon Society. As of today, June 11 2010, she has helped raise over $80,000 to help rescue the birds from the oil spill still happening. You can read the news story here. Or visit her AOL artist site and enjoy her drawings here. And you can donate to help save the birds here.

It only takes a willingness to help. And one person can make a difference. Thanks Olivia… you give hope to the future! I look forward to seeing you become an Ornithologist one day. The birds are lucky to have you!

(Originally posted elsewhere on one of my other sites for birds. However, I felt it worthy to share as many places as possible.)

Courage Restored

Friday, November 7th, 2008

I find myself speechless, in awe of what has happened in my country this week. History was written, hope was rewarded and courage restored. We, the people, can look each other in the eye once again and relate to our neighbors and strangers alike. We can have conversations with people outside our country and be proud without defending our people without defending the atrocities done by our Government, a Government we DID NOT ELECT. In the past few days I have cried eight years worth of tears…tears for the democracy and liberty we had stolen from us, tears for the forced alienation from one another, convinced we were too different we simply drifted alone, tears for the loss of all we were taught to aspire for and work towards.

In the past eight years I have been shackled in a fear-driven silent withdrawal. Constantly reminded of the ridiculousness of it all through not-so-subtle innuendos about a lack of patriotism for those of us who had mindfully dissented against the tyranny of the Bush Administration. And after so many years, I must admit, I felt broken … incapable of making change. I grew weary of defending myself and my point-of-view. I continued to speak against torture, against warrantless spying, against the injustices and the loss of liberty but I started to believe there was no going back, I started to lose hope. I was afraid to hope.

Barack Obama gave me and others the right to hope that we can reverse the damage done to our Democracry, to the Constitution. Barack Obama restored our courage to have hope. This is our moment. We believed, we had hope and it paid off. Here’s to hoping the next four years we see some of the damages and neglect tended to in a way that restores our international and domestic legitimacy. Here’s to hoping we can stand tall next to one another and work our way towards a brighter future for our children and our children’s children. Three cheers for hope!

I missed you. I missed me. I feel as if a part of me has returned home after a long absence. I am bewildered and excited but I fumble the words in awkward earnest. I am grateful. I am hopeful. I am humbled. And I am ready to march forward together to restore this country to its greatness.

Thank you Obama

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

Thank you Obama for returning to us our hope.
Thank you for restoring our faith in one another.
Thank you for bringing us all together once again.
Thank you for pointing us towards what we have in common.
Thank you for showing us we can make a change.
Thank you for allowing us to have hope that no matter how it turns out at least we stood up again.
Thank you for caring about us when we had all but given up hope.
Thank you for wanting to make a difference.
Thank you for preparing yourself to do just that.
Thank you for understanding what our country needed.
Thank you for staying positive when things were so bleak and ugly.
Thank you for promoting light and never darkness.
Thank you for having a level-head and a calm demeanor.
Thank you for reflecting your calm confidence onto our country.
Thank you for running for President despite your unlikely win.
Thank you for believing in the American people and giving us a chance to believe in you and ourselves again.
Thank you for standing tall despite the constant personal attacks during this campaign.
Thank you for being practical and having good sense.
Thank you for surrounding yourself with intelligent people who feel hard work is important.
Thank you for choosing Joe Biden as your Vice President running mate.
Thank you for paying attention to situations and making informed decisions upon them.

Thank you Joe Biden for giving us the slogan, “Get up champ!” to turn back to in the roughest times.
Thank you Joe Biden for caring about the working people.
Thank you Joe Biden for demonstrating thorough knowledge of both domestic and international situations.
Thank you Joe Biden for joining Barack Obama in this tumultuous time to restore the American Dream.
Thank you Joe Biden for being someone I know I can believe will do the right thing for the citizens.
Thank you Joe Biden for struggling against deep-rooted politics and doing what is right.
Thank you Joe Biden for talking straight, even if others think you are long-winded. I think you are genuine.

And thank you both for being genuinely intelligent and likeable people who will lead our country back to its original stance in the world, the real beacon of hope.

And thanks to your campaign managers because they did an awesome job rounding up all of your supporters and giving them back the power in the electoral process, something that had been stolen from us the past two elections.


I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work! I do not need to wait till January 1st. You are MY president TODAY!!!! WHERE TO NOW BOSS? Let’s get to it… together we can restore the American Dream, the American Reputation and the faith in one another.