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The right to fresh and pure air…

Wednesday, April 22nd, 2009

I am so tired of my stinky, rude, disgusting chain-smoking neighbors. They smoke so much that it comes up through my drain holes in the kitchen and bathrooms. Now that Spring has arrived—I wish to open my windows and get some fresh air but instead I inhale even more of their disgusting second-hand smoke. This really should be illegal. It is harmful to my health and impedes on my right to fresh and pure air.1

Dear F*cktard Neighbor,

Smoking is one thing—if you want to kill yourself, more power to you. However, when your smoking affects me or those I care about or anyone who does not consent to inhaling secondhand smoke, then your right to smoke is negated. You have NO right to harm another person.

Every single day you smoke like a chimney and stink up your house and MINE. You smoke indoors, you smoke outdoors…you even invite your family and friends over to smoke with you. I can’t escape your BAD HABIT!!!! Something is wrong with that! I appreciate your right to do whatever you’d like with YOUR family in your home but I draw the line when what you want to do with your family affects my health and well-being.

I fully believe it should be illegal to smoke in apartments or anywhere anyone else will be affected. I believe parents who smoke with children in the house should be warned and if they continue, they should have their children taken away. It is dangerous to your health—and to anyone else’s health who inhales your secondhand smoke! We do not allow drunk drivers to drive because they are dangerous and could harm themselves and others. We should not allow our neighbors or parents to kill by inconsiderate smoking. When should a bad habit become a legal concern? When people are harmed. It is that simple.

This is simply ridiculous. My lungs should not feel as if I partied in a smoky bar for hours last night because I take a shower above you! I should not open my window in hopes of clean and fresh air only to become inundated with a cloud of toxic smoke. I should not have to sit on my toilet and hold my breath to avoid your second-hand smoke.  Gawd! This is incredulous. I am a victim of your smoking and it is dangerous to us both! Why can’t you quit? I feel sorry for your children! If my lungs hurts, I can’t imagine how theirs must feel!

I honestly feel you should be charged with a crime. I really can’t stand you.

And to make it even worse, you are disgusting. You stink, you do not take care of yourself, you do nothing but smoke and leer in our direction, licking your lips. You are gross. We also have the right to come home and walk up the steps to our apartment without having you standing outside on your porch or on the common stairwell molesting us with your eyes—staring at us like we are pork chops. You are really repulsive. We do not, would not, could not and will never find you anything but repugnant and menacing—so don’t bother.

Try some Nicorette or the patch or some gum. Try being a good parent. Try washing your orange walls.

And I do fully intend on researching this further and if I can — I WILL — charge you with assault on my lungs and every single one of my senses you tobacco-crazed imbecile.


Your coughing, fed up upstairs neighbor…


Yes…kill the smoking or kill yourself but don’t kill me!

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