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The irony of money…

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009

Isn’t it ironic how money affects people? It can make your best friend or business partner plot your demise. It can provoke your spouse to slowly poison you for insurance money. It can make you suspicious of everyone around you. It can be a hereditary tool used to force you on a path you would otherwise avoid. It seems the more you have, the more you grow stingy with it.

People with very little money–give without hesitation to churches, to the beggar on the street corner, to charities, to the girl scouts selling cookies. They give thoughtful gifts and enjoy in festivities without financial concern because they know it is about enjoying life and the people you care about–not about the bottom line on your bank account. Give these same people more money and they ask to split the check and can’t find a spare dollar for the beggars…its just not in their budget to give this month…they have bills to pay. No mention to the bills they always had to pay before…

Give that person even more money and suddenly giving is a tax write-off and nothing more. They stop seeing the beggar altogether. They rarely, if ever, take notice of the girl scout or her cookies. They begin to think in terms of what they do not have rather than what they do have. They grow irritated at the thought of parting with their money at all. They do not want to eat out with their friends. They stop throwing parties. They think in terms of money lost and their vernacular reveals their monetary obsession.

Why in the town of Plenty in Wealthy Land do the paupers celebrate with nothing and give without thought–throwing parties for all to share their loaf of bread and water but the rich hold tight their purses begrudging even the beggar’s presence?