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Gioacchino Giuliani predicted the Italian earthquake

Monday, April 6th, 2009

The news coming from Italy today is tragic, over 150 dead with thousands injured in the earthquake that hit Italy today. We can only hope more people are found alive and well. I hope all injured will heal quickly.

Could the life and injury tolls been reduced or eliminated?

Gioacchino Guiliani believes so. He works for the physics institute at San Grasso near the city of L’Aquila, the epicenter of the earthquake. Through radon detection he was able to predict this earthquake for over a month. He tried to warn officials but they dismissed his warnings. He even went as far as hiring vans with loudspeakers to warn people but the police made him stop.

I am interested in the potential here to detect earthquakes through radon. I will have to do more research on this.

Radon apparently is found in rocks and ground water. The radon found in ground water apparently does not change much under normal conditions. It does change increasing its emissions from a stage II earthquake because microcracks in the rocks result in an increase in the surface area of the rocks exposing “more of the radon to water, which would cause a greater breakdown of the radioactive mineral. Radon emissions would increase as the radon is washed out of the rock during stage II [Meyer, 1977]. As the water returns during stage III, radon emissions would level off because microcracks stop forming. The newly formed microcracks serve as pathways for more of the radon gas to escape to the surface; thus, radon emissions are higher [Asada, 1982].”1

Giuliani detected high levels of radon and tried to warn the officials. Was he right in doing so? Or is this science not perfected to a proficient level of accuracy yet?

Read some more about this and tell me your thoughts.234

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