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Forgive yourself

Friday, September 10th, 2010

forgive yourself, originally uploaded by june whitehorse.

On my to-do-list is to forgive someone. I don’t feel especially upset with anyone else. I try to forgive people quickly. Life is messy, I give people free passes more often than not. It may be a flaw but it is how I am. I don’t like grudges they are like knots within, tangled weeds preventing growth of love, happiness—all the good things. So, who to forgive? Maybe people I will never run across again?

I forgive that guy who cut me off and then called me a [expletive]. You were probably having a bad day or something. Maybe you were late for an important event or just received horrible news. Whatever your reason, I forgive you.

I forgive the many customer service representatives that aren’t friendly or helpful. Your job must be frustrating dealing with complaining, inarticulate people all day. No matter the cause of your flippancy, I forgive you.

I decided my own harshest judgments are saved for me. I am most unforgiving with myself… I am intolerant of my own misgivings, my shortcomings, my weaknesses. So, who better to forgive than myself?

Today, I forgive myself for being easily distracted. I forgive myself for being impatient because mostly I am just excited and eager. I forgive myself for being tired and for not finishing everything I start. I forgive myself for not posting every single day. I forgive myself for not exercising, cleaning, writing, reading… (insert a million more things) enough…

Today, I forgive me.