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I could have…

Monday, May 14th, 2012

I could have written this myself… I did not but, I could have. It tastes like my words but I so rarely share my poetic side…

I found this place and love it. I wrote this for you


Thursday, March 15th, 2012

I might be wrong by Radiohead


Beauty redefined

Monday, October 10th, 2011

A friend and I were having a discussion about beauty and how we define it… here is the gist of what I said…

We are all beautiful. It is in the looking. It is in the seeing. I suppose it is about which angle we choose to see. Isn’t it ironic how we so rarely choose to see ourself in a way that beauty can recognized or appreciated. We are perhaps not able to get the right perspective about ourselves… for good reason. It helps us continue to grow and polish ourselves… If we were to catch the exact angle where our own beauty shined brightest, would we become like Narcissus lost in that one reflection? That one view… Peering into the darkness only to see one part of ourselves.

You are right. We should focus on just being, whoever we are but even that is ethereal and we can but breathe in every moment and know that life is something of a mystery.

You are beautiful. We are all beautiful. Life is beautiful if only we can get the right angle, or open our eyes and that is so much more of a task for good reason as well. Like Narcissus or Veruca Salt from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. When surrounded with ONLY beauty one becomes something different, something ugly. Transforms to be unique. When those of us who see things in all their colors, darkness, light, and every shade in between… We create a palette that colors the world more real. And this is a new kind of beauty. Something many cannot see.

Its in the pregnant pause of a busy mind that often cannot think of that witty retort in time but just a moment too late. Its in the tears of self doubt. Its in the aggravation of the inconvenient. In the misstep. In the tummy pouch, ten pounds past perfect. In the split ends and the frayed mistakes. Its in the deep grooves lined on your face like battle wounds from life. It is in the stress-induced rash displayed upon your face to read… I am struggling. It is in the mispronounced author’s name.

So perhaps you don’t see it in yourself. And I do not in myself but that leaves us searching for and finding it in everything else. And isn’t that a more solid beauty?

I wonder where else we can see beauty outside the box. If beauty can be redefined, then I have hope…