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What I love about SEPTEMBER…

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

I love love love September for so many reasons.

I love that August is over, summer is closing down, sending the sun home early at night to prepare for an earlier rise, to save a bit of our energy…allowing us to unwind from the long, hot days of summer. September is fresh grown apples (my favorite!) and sweet potatoes, oranges and reds and vibrant yellows gently surrounding us. It is leaves falling all shades of golden carried by the sweet September breeze coaxing the trees to let go of their deep greens in favor of the more interesting crimsons and burnt siennas and goldenrods. It is Fall. Autumn. My favorite time of year. I love September because of one my very favorite people in the entire world was born this month. I love it because it is a time of new beginnings. Distinct in its efforts to meld two of the harshest seasons together, a feat of wondrous proportions. A transitional season of beautiful colors and delicious harvests, a nip at night just enough for a sweater and I love sweaters! It is the relief from 100 degree days melting into one another, parching my energy. It is the rain that restores everything alive…everything the summer scorched.

I love September for soups and rooted vegetables. I love it for its early nights begging to be filled with the comfort of literary treasures new and old. I love September for its crisp mornings and breathtaking views. It is when the birds return to warmer places for the preparation of colder months ahead.

I really, really love September!

Organic LOCAL produce…

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010

I eat a lot of vegetables and fruits. I generally get organic and local but I go to the store to get them or the local farmer’s market. Well, last month I decided to try a local farm who delivers once a week. I signed up for the service, they have a variety of options from a small box of fruit for $25 a box to the whole shebang — vegetables and fruits for $37. I went with the big box…why not? It can’t hurt to have lots of extra vegetables and fruits, can it? They will definitely get eaten. The first couple of weeks had a lot of green leafy vegetables which wilted by the day after delivery at lunch. =( That sucks. So, maybe it is best to pick those on my own. I do know how to clean and store them, I eat them daily. But the fruit and other vegetables have been amazing.

It comes in a box with a plastic liner… and its left at my doorstep each week. This week’s box was particularly wonderful! Apples, nectarines, black plums, asparagus, cauliflower, mustard greens (we will see tomorrow how they work out!), raspberries, grapes, blueberries, carrots and organic potatoes…