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Saturday, March 20th, 2010

This past few years I have grown nostalgic about my ancestry. I want to know where I come from. Who peoples my family tree? I started to become fascinated with this line of thought before the new influx of tv shows like “Who do you think you are?” and the PBS miniseries digging up the past of Yo-Yo Ma and Eva Longoria, “Faces of America”. But these shows have reinforced my desire to do a family informationalĀ archealogical dig. I have uncovered both ends of the spectrum… Irish mobsters bootlegging and roughing people up and heroic police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty. I can trace one line of my family back at least 12 generations. Another, I can’t get past my grandfather. It is interesting business trying to figure out who you really are, where you come from but there are so many tools to do this now. Records are online at places like and You can also find Mormon archival libraries in your local area. You can ask family members, friends of family members. You can request birth certificates. The information is out there waiting to be discovered. It is liberating, inspiring, it roots you to your past in strange and wonderful ways.

For me, it means I am more than the daughter of my parents. This is particularly important to me since I am estranged from my mother and rarely talk to my father. I want to feel grounded, a part of a family that is greater than the poor choices of two people. Greater than the mistakes or triumphs of any one person… there are hundreds of people in my history… and I thoroughly enjoy discovering each and every one of them, learning their stories… reading, researching, learning who carried my genes down the line… who delivered the chance of my existence. =)

Who can you find interesting in your ancestry? I challenge you to find at least 3 different interesting people and share them with me! I would love to read your intriguing ancestral stories! =)