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Sarah Palin is Anti-American

Thursday, October 16th, 2008

I am fed up with the nonsense about Barack Obama’s character.

The incessant question, “Who is Barack Obama?” The over use of his middle name and inferences to terrorists and the “unknown”, pathetic attempts to manipulate xenophobia and racial fears in the less educated. These are dangerous and irresponsible tactics which are failing to help John McCain, while putting Obama in harm’s way. The accusations brought against Obama by the McCain camp seem to be some strange new form of political projection. Not only are these outrageous accusations ridiculous and offensive, they are more accurately applicable to Senator McCain and Governor Palin.

Is their official campaign strategy to accuse Obama of anything they could LEGITIMATELY be accused of themselves?

“Obama is inexperienced” has Palin written all over it.

“Obama pals around with terrorists” Oh…look, Palin again. See above (Anti-American Alaskan secessionists)

“Obama wants to raise taxes” despite the repeated attempts to explain that 95% of American households and small businesses WILL NOT SEE A TAX RAISE but rather TAX CUTS under Obama’s economic plan!!!

John Sidney McCain is still using this as a talking point because he has NOTHING except lies and racial fear to use in a sad attempt to scare people into voting for him. Nobody really supports McCain. Most of his supporters support the Anti-Women, Anti-intellectual, Anti-reality Palin or are simply anti-Obama voters. An anti-vote may go in his pocket but it is not a vote of confidence in McCain’s ability to run the country or popularity.

The irony is that McCain’s own economic plan would not give relief to the majority of people and even the parts that resemble relief (tax cuts, etc.) for the majority of people are not well-defined or well explained. Funny, the only part that is laid out in a clear and concise manner is his tax-relief plans for the uber-rich, professional stock traders and corporate fat-cats shuffling money off-shore to avoid paying taxes. Furthermore, the minute cuts he proposes for the Joe population all have loopholes which will end up costing “Joe” even more (i.e. education with no funding, promised support for special needs children, veterans, elderly, etc. which are all contradicted by his “spending freeze”, $2500 for each family for health care rebates but then taxing employer provided health care, in essence discouraging employers from providing health care in the first place and despite the average family cost of $1200 for health care a year.)

BOTTOM LINE ON TAXES: McCain’s tax cuts will help the obnoxiously wealthy and I am not referring to Joe Sixpack, Joe the Plumber, Joe Blow, Sloppy Joes or Joe vs. the Volcano or any Joe that has a small business. Obama’s tax cuts will POSITIVELY effect the economy by putting money in American’s pockets… if we have money, we’ll spend it… and 95 (NINETY FIVE) 95 95 95 95 95 95 95 95 95 95 95 95 (do you get it yet?) 95% of people in our country will benefit. What part of this is so difficult? Just because McCain says something, doesn’t make it true. It actually, statistically, probably makes it untrue. Read for yourself his plan, read it thoroughly. Read them both.

Under Mr. Obama’s plan, the middle of the middle class, or those earning $37,595 to $66,354, would see taxes cut by $1,042 a year. Under Mr. McCain’s plan, taxes for people in that category would also fall, but by $319; the largest chunk of the benefits would go to those making $2.8 million a year or more.
Larry Rohter, Will the Real Tax-and-Spender Please ‘Fess Up, NY Times, Jun. 13, 2008.

McCain’s strategy has always been see what is working for Barack, steal it… change it only slightly, repeat Barack’s stance on it verbatim and claim it as his own under the mighty (and flimsy) shield of Maverick-ism. This is ridiculous. It is clear to see McCain does not have the best interest of any Joe at heart. And don’t even get me started on his policies for Jane.

BOTTOM LINE ON PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES AND DANGEROUS PALS: This, too, seems to be more a Palin thing than a Obama thing. He was 8 when this Ayers fellow engaged in horrific acts. I don’t think they were “palling” around. But who exactly is Palin’ around with anti-governmental Alaskan secessionists who believe that violence is acceptable to win the “war” they are waging against the U.S.? Shouldn’t you be more concerned with this woman and her shady ties or at least as equally concerned?

Who is Barack Obama? There is so much information out about him. Information-filled biographies; his website where he states clearly his stance on every issue and it has been consistent ALL ALONG. Stop being ridiculous. If you have doubts about who Obama is, um… then you either you are a closet racist or you are simply lazy. The information is a google search away or at your local book store. The same cannot be said about Mrs. Palin who avoids interviews, questions, etc and dodges answering anything directly even when she is cornered (i.e. the VP debate). She is a trained monkey keeping secrets while giving lip service to campaign words like “maverick” “change” “transparency”.

You cannot reasonably question whether you know Barack enough but believe you truly know Sarah Palin. We have had ten times the exposure into Barack’s life as we have into Palin’s. SO when you ask “Who is Barack Obama?” are you really asking because you can’t find out what you want to know? Or are you asking because it is your polite mavericky way of saying, ‘but he’s blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccccccccccccck’.

For all of you questioning who is Barack Obama but not who are Sarah Palin and John McCain (because I am quite certain you didn’t know much about him before this and maybe the last Presidential campaign and I would even venture to say you still don’t), I encourage you to look up the following:


The Keating 5 Scandal.

John McCain’s original 2008 Presidential Platform concerns. Note: His now adamant concern with the energy crisis is an extremely recent stance for McCain. It was just a few short months ago that he was making fun of Obama for his focus on energy reform.

All of the candidate’s voting records on a UNBIASED source. Pay particular attention to McCain’s voting record with regards to veterans, oil companies, deregulation, financial institutions and tax cuts.

And please use some common sense, think. Money must go into the pot before going out of the pot. If John McCain allows the multi-billion dollar corporations to skate past the post… well, there will be less money in it to spend, even for his conflicting promises to support veterans (not supported in his record) and special needs children. It is a sneaky way of spending folks and he has it down to an art.

So, ask if you must but then also ask, “Who is John McCain?” and “Who is Sarah Palin?” and why did he pick her anyways?

Palin’s Choose-your-adventure-debate

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Watch the debate here.

Going into this debate, I did not expect much from Sarah Palin. She delivered cheeky winks and smiley rhetoric but failed to give any substantial or credible answer to any of the questions. This is in spite of the questions geared in her favor. She said she was not going to answer the questions asked of her because she “was going to talk straight” with the people. Um, hello idiot, it is a debate. There are questions and you are supposed to answer them. We know this is too difficult for Governor Palin, we’ve seen this much in the few interviews she has given thus far. She has had at least a week to “get back to Couric” on what policies and changes McCain has stood for in his 26 years in office but still could not come up with any answers when Biden asked her the same question tonight.

Over and over in this debate Sarah Palin avoided the questions by simply regurgitating sound bytes and campaign key words. She spoke confidently but incoherently about completely different issues. She was, at best, cutesy and played the part of what she thought was personable and someone we could relate to in everyday matters. This further demonstrated her naivete. We do not need our neighbor running the country. She is not knowledgeable in matters of foreign or domestic policies or even in basic politics.

She name-dropped and sang the tone-deaf tune of lyrical keywords implanted in her by her campaign. The usual “General Petraeus” came up a few times, as if he is their good buddy. The “success of the surge” was brought up. Her useless anecdotes remind me of Rose on Golden Girls with her fancificul but irrelevent stories about St. Olaf (Wasilla). Ad nauseum, we have heard Sarah Palin talk about “mavericks”, “…what he [McCain] is known for…” “…what I [Palin] am known for…” but we didn’t hear any specifics. They really are counting on the stupidity of the American people. They think we will hear “change” and believe it?

Will Americans accept this challenge? Or will they see through this rhetorical nonsense and see clearly that Biden is knowledgeable and Palin is ridiculous?

Palin was not debating logically or demonstrating a capacity to co-lead this country. She was simply regurgitating campaign rhetoric, that took her the entire week by the creek to perfect, in a choose-your-own-adventure-style advertisement on primetime. This was a waste of American time. There is no doubt she was once a beauty queen, this is obvious from her cheesy winks to her empty catch phrases, she is charasmatic. However, isn’t this precisely what we want to avoid? Isn’t this why we are sick of Washington in the first place? All talk and no action? Polished promises leading us into war, an economic depression?

She rambled on about taking the politics out of war, out of economy, out of Washington. This is retarded. This is what people who know nothing about politics say. This is simply ridiculous. Maybe somebody should take Palin back to the creek and explain to her what a dictionary is, so she might read the definition of politics.

Main Entry: pol·i·tics
Pronunciation: \ˈpä-lə-ˌtiks\
Function: noun plural but singular or plural in construction
Etymology: Greek politika, from neuter plural of politikos political
Date: circa 1529

1 a: the art or science of government b: the art or science concerned with guiding or influencing governmental policy c: the art or science concerned with winning and holding control over a government
2: political actions, practices, or policies
3 a: political affairs or business ; especially : competition between competing interest groups or individuals for power and leadership (as in a government) b: political life especially as a principal activity or profession c: political activities characterized by artful and often dishonest practices
4: the political opinions or sympathies of a person
5 a: the total complex of relations between people living in society b: relations or conduct in a particular area of experience especially as seen or dealt with from a political point of view

So…war, taxes, etc. are political. You can’t separate them, nor should you. Are you suggesting, Governor Palin, that a McCain-Palin administration would not include government oversight into matters such as war and the economy and taxes? Or are you suggesting you and John will be playing golf and moose-hunting instead of dealing with these issues? How exactly do you plan on taking the politics out of politics?

They like to use words and phrases like “maverick” “bipartisan” “tax cuts” “Joe Sixpack” “hockey mom” etc. Are these the political ad words? Do they get paid .07 cents for each time they use them? Or is it that they know if they say something x amount times, they are bound to get people to believe that about them? Joe Biden nailed on the head when he said, “Maverick he [McCain] is not!”

Look for yourselves folks. Sarah Palin’s and John McCain’s records are clear even if they continue to distort them.1 Joe Biden’s and Barack Obama’s records are clear too. The only difference, they are not distorting or manipulating their own records or their opponents to win this election. They are stating the facts. McCain and Palin are the equivalency, if not worse than Bush and Cheney, period. THEY ARE NOT REPRESENTING REAL CHANGE.

Look at the records:

Senator Joseph R. Biden Jr.
Senator John S. McCain III
Governor Sarah H. Palin
Senator Barack H. Obama Jr.

I will end this particular post with a clip from Joe Biden. He said it well in the following response to the “maverick” idea:

Look, the maverick — let’s talk about the maverick John McCain is. And, again, I love him. He’s been a maverick on some issues, but he has been no maverick on the things that matter to people’s lives.

He voted four out of five times for George Bush’s budget, which put us a half a trillion dollars in debt this year and over $3 trillion in debt since he’s got there.

He has not been a maverick in providing health care for people. He has voted against including another 3.6 million children in coverage of the existing health care plan, when he voted in the United States Senate.

He’s not been a maverick when it comes to education. He has not supported tax cuts and significant changes for people being able to send their kids to college.

He’s not been a maverick on the war. He’s not been a maverick on virtually anything that genuinely affects the things that people really talk about around their kitchen table.

Can we send — can we get Mom’s MRI? Can we send Mary back to school next semester? We can’t — we can’t make it. How are we going to heat the — heat the house this winter?

He voted against even providing for what they call LIHEAP, for assistance to people, with oil prices going through the roof in the winter.

So maverick he is not on the important, critical issues that affect people at that kitchen table.

This was a clear win for Biden. He is knowledgeable and articulate and really cares. She is cutesy and has minimal knowledge of any the basics of politics. She is not ready to be Vice President. She is not even ready to be Governor. I think she should stick with being the Mayor or hockey mom or the head of the PTA. She is better suited for the latter two.

Transcript of Senator Joe Biden and Governor Sarah Palin debate the issues Thursday, October 2nd, 2008: (more…)

  1. []

Race to the White “Trash” House

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

The new catch phrase being used by the McCain campaign is “Joe six-pack“. Sarah Palin is standing up for Joe Sixpack. This new catch phrase makes sense in one of two ways. She is either trying to appeal to the non-thinking, anti-intellectuals or she is going for the frat boys and girls of America. Either way this must be a ploy to get some of the less than intelligent voters to stand up for her despite or even because of her stupidity.

Let’s analyze this term…”Joe Six-Pack”. Could that be a euphemism for frat boy? Frat boy…hrm, why does that seem so familiar? Frat boy. OH! YES! George W. Bush is a glorified frat boy, albeit in the morning after period of an eight year binge, he can’t be bothered to lead this country at all, even in the wrong direction (perhaps he is too focused on his $805 billion parting gift). Joe Six-Pack…frat boy…George W. Bush. It makes sense now. Given the McCain campaign’s penchant for wordplay campaigning (aka the Straight Talk Express — shiver — is anyone else having Orwellian flashbacks to 1984?)…we can assume this new phrase means he supports the failed Bush and Rovian politics (again) but renamed them to confuse average Joe Sixpacks. I understand now.

Sarah Palin is ridiculous. She is frighteningly unprepared for the Vice Presidency or even for the Senate. This becomes glaringly more and more obvious as time (and McCain) allows her to speak in public. From foreign to domestic affairs, she lacks even the basic understanding. They should be embarrassed. McCain did himself NO favor by choosing her. Now the McCorporation ticket is headed straight to the White “Trash” House, fully equipped with someone even less intelligent than George W. (and we thought this wasn’t possible, silly us!), moose-hunting and “dontchaknows”! Yeee haw! If they become elected, we can start a bill to change the name of our country to the United Stupid of America, Land of the French Fries…the world’s beacon for Idiocracy.

Are we even remotely interested in how this country is led anymore? Or is it simply a matter of ensuring we do not think for ourselves while banishing our civil rights and liberties? Or is the support for Palin and McCorporation simply a case of latent racism? Please tell me Americans are not this stupid!

Thanks, but no thanks to PALIN!

Thursday, September 18th, 2008

Please, please, please go read this blog! It is brilliant. It is a blog about a rally organized by Alaska women who reject Palin! It has lots of great photos and comments! YAY! Hip, hip, hooray!