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What I loved about 2010

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

There are so many things I love on an on-going basis…it is difficult to sum them all up…but I shall try…

*Love.   *Friends (new and old), family, all those in between.   *A roof over my head.   *Clothes on my back.   *Having enough.   *Homemade Damson Jam. *Books, always.  *Snow before Thanksgiving.   *My girly graduating high school and then being accepted to her 1st (and only) choice for college…which just so happens to be an absolutely amazing school that is top in its field.    *Laughing with everyone I love at least once.   *Photoshop.   *Inside jokes.   *Reconnecting with friends and family.   *Deep and profound realizations about myself, about the world, about others.   *Operation Nice and its founder Melissa for inspiring us all to be a little (or a lot) nicer.   *Operation Beautiful.     *Being able to make PDF’s  now!   *Recordings well received.   *Paper birds.   *Caww caw cawwwwing of the crows that linger around my home.   *My hummingbabies.   *Email conversations.   *Random texts.   *A slinky, who knew they would be so fun in your 30’s?   *Learning it is OK to stop apologizing, it is time.   *For your patience and all the waiting.   *Rain boots and plenty of rain to sport them in.   *A new love for dark chocolate.   *Puffin videos and trips to the zoo.   *Bellingham and the most adorable independent bookstore ever!   *Encouragement and support.   *The opportunity to review pre-released books for a publisher!   *Being enough.