Human Rights Day 2010 (December 10th)

Tomorrow (December 10th 2010) is Human Rights Day. It is a day to take notice of all the suffering due to oppression, violence, discrimination. It is a day to decide enough is enough. Pick something that resonates for you and start to be a voice against injustice. Domestic Violence. Poverty. Governmental violence. Something, choose something. Even if it is just educating yourself on the human rights violations that are happening every single day all around the world or reading a book about a particular human rights struggle. You can read more about Human Rights Day here.

You can take a test and learn more about Human Rights Defenders here. You can learn more about what human rights are here. You can read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights here.

I will read about one human rights defender every day for the rest of this month. And re-evaluate what I will do to help defend human rights going forward. =)


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