Who? What? Why?

Welcome to Crowgyrls.com

We are intelligent, funny and opinionated. We are complicated and simple, ordinary and extraordinary. We are filled with stories which both explain and confuse who we are and who we want to become. We laugh, cry and blush. We succeed, we fail. We try and try again. And sometimes we even quit. We are unique and we are the same. And we want something more from the internet.

We want our own place online; a place not over-sexualized or mass-populated with spammy, flashy, gawdy things; not overrun by vendetta-wielding social misfits. We want a place where we can meet like-minded people who will enrich our lives, expand our paradigms and challenge us to think. We want a place we can explore our thoughts, ideas, our fears… out loud…no matter how complicated or simple, and see how they develop. We want a place where we can discuss the aggravation of the everyday, as well as the heart-wrenching events or uplifting experiences in our lives.

We want a place we can encourage others to think for themselves; a place we can explore the inertia created from connecting with other positive people or the aggravation dealing with the not-so-positive people. We want a place where independent-thinking people can go to socialize without taking pictures in the bathroom mirror or concerning themselves with accumulating the most superficial friends. We want a place where the sexiest parts of a person (their mind, sense of humor or crazy sock collection) are appreciated just as much as their naughty bits. We want a place where people are not afraid to be comfortable in their own skin or to learn how to do just that together.