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What I loved about 2010

Thursday, December 30th, 2010

There are so many things I love on an on-going basis…it is difficult to sum them all up…but I shall try…

*Love.   *Friends (new and old), family, all those in between.   *A roof over my head.   *Clothes on my back.   *Having enough.   *Homemade Damson Jam. *Books, always.  *Snow before Thanksgiving.   *My girly graduating high school and then being accepted to her 1st (and only) choice for college…which just so happens to be an absolutely amazing school that is top in its field.    *Laughing with everyone I love at least once.   *Photoshop.   *Inside jokes.   *Reconnecting with friends and family.   *Deep and profound realizations about myself, about the world, about others.   *Operation Nice and its founder Melissa for inspiring us all to be a little (or a lot) nicer.   *Operation Beautiful.     *Being able to make PDF’s  now!   *Recordings well received.   *Paper birds.   *Caww caw cawwwwing of the crows that linger around my home.   *My hummingbabies.   *Email conversations.   *Random texts.   *A slinky, who knew they would be so fun in your 30’s?   *Learning it is OK to stop apologizing, it is time.   *For your patience and all the waiting.   *Rain boots and plenty of rain to sport them in.   *A new love for dark chocolate.   *Puffin videos and trips to the zoo.   *Bellingham and the most adorable independent bookstore ever!   *Encouragement and support.   *The opportunity to review pre-released books for a publisher!   *Being enough.

A thoughtful birthday…

Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

I had a wonderful birthday this year. Good company, relaxing fun, tasty food. It was all around pleasant but I didn’t want to write specifically about that but about a birthday story that made me smile thinking of it.

I have always tried to be thoughtful. I like to leave comment cards when someone smiles or is helpful or goes a little (or way) above and beyond. I will write notes to bosses, to headquarters. I will make calls. I try to spread positive vibes and reward niceness. I have also always encouraged others to do the same, to do little things they can feel good about, that others might feel good about too.

As part of Operation Nice I got the idea to pay for the person behind me in the drive through windows or at the grocery store. I have been doing it fairly regularly since. I have also spread this idea to those I care about. And a few have tried it out. Well, on my birthday my dearest friend told me she received a $25 gift card for Starbucks at work. And on her way home from work she stopped at Starbucks and ordered me a peppermint hot chocolate and got her usual drink and then paid for the car’s order behind her.

The total was pretty high so the guy at the window kept asking if she was sure, telling her she didn’t have to do that, trying to talk her out of it. But she insisted and he was blown away. She didn’t stick around to see the reaction of the people in the car behind her but she came over to tell me.

She was beaming with pride and hugged me for it. She said it was because of me that she had the courage to do that or even the notion. And it is because of Operation Nice that I did, so thanks Melissa. Together, we may not solve all the world’s problems but we might make someone’s day a little bit brighter. =)

Waiting for me

Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

Waiting for me (explore), originally uploaded by Sasha Bell.

I am a great many things but patient for people, not so much. I am patient with people and there is a difference. I tolerate a lot and go to great lengths to understand others even when they are behaving badly. But I do not like to wait for people.

I like people to reply to my emails, texts, phone messages immediately. I want not to feel like I am being put off. Impatience. =/ Yet, I have the habit of putting people off, not intentionally but the result is the same. I want not to wait on you but I expect you can wait on me. Hrm. Doesn’t sound like a very fair way to be.

In light of this self-knowledge I will begin to work on being more patient waiting for others and a little more cognizant of making others wait for me.

Perhaps this can go on my New Year’s Resolution list…

Magical Thinking

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Fairylights and Bed, originally uploaded by baby, picture this.

Don’t you want to think just a little more magically? To travel back to a time when it was socially acceptable to believe in the impossible? To see Rudolph’s red nose shining far beyond the blinking red light of the water tower of today? Don’t you wish you could feel that the world and all who inhabit it want nothing more than to love you and get to know you?

We make so many assumptions every single day of our lives. Why not make them in our favor for awhile?

For this holiday season, I think I will try just that and I will encourage you to do the same. =) Let that be your most favorite gift, a positive spin on everything. Be creative. And feel free to share with me anything you come up with…

Snowbody at all…

Tuesday, December 14th, 2010

Tis the season for love, love, love…

I hope it surrounds each of you every single moment of the entire season (and throughout the new year).

Human Rights Day 2010 (December 10th)

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

Tomorrow (December 10th 2010) is Human Rights Day. It is a day to take notice of all the suffering due to oppression, violence, discrimination. It is a day to decide enough is enough. Pick something that resonates for you and start to be a voice against injustice. Domestic Violence. Poverty. Governmental violence. Something, choose something. Even if it is just educating yourself on the human rights violations that are happening every single day all around the world or reading a book about a particular human rights struggle. You can read more about Human Rights Day here.

You can take a test and learn more about Human Rights Defenders here. You can learn more about what human rights are here. You can read the Universal Declaration of Human Rights here.

I will read about one human rights defender every day for the rest of this month. And re-evaluate what I will do to help defend human rights going forward. =)

Writing for writing’s sake…

Friday, December 3rd, 2010

, originally uploaded by Gabriela-Torres.

It seems in the inertia of my life I have lost time for writing for writing’s sake… to just write because it helps free my mind of the flurry of words within threatening to bury me in an emotional avalanche. I miss spilling my thoughts onto paper, inking them permanent or stamping the pain from memories with every stroke of the keyboard. I miss the inherent reach for any number of journals waiting dutifully within arm’s length. I miss my silent papered friend forgoing judgment, bypassing all niceties for the nitty-gritty of reality.

I think I’d like to return my hand to paper, to journal, to write, to conjure all that is swirling inside to flow through a pen into something trivial, a little less chaotic.


Thursday, December 2nd, 2010

Nobody, originally uploaded by Juan Antonio Pacheco Miján.

My memory escapes me… little and big memories tucked away as quick as they come and so many fall between the here and now and yesterday. They get swept under that which is right before me. Sometimes I come across the memories but oft times I give them no thought at all.

I have forgotten full people, every memory they helped create. For various reasons I tuck them far away to never see them again. Imagine, whole people disappearing… like Back to the Future, the 1st movie, when he changes the past and he and his siblings begin to disappear.

What in the course of things happened that these people have disappeared for me? I’ll trust my mind knows what it is doing. And respect the fallen memories when I stumble upon them.

What I love about December (2010)

Wednesday, December 1st, 2010

December is a wonderful month…what is NOT to love about it?

Snow. Santa Claus. Holly. Mistletoe. Christmas trees, oh! I do so love the evergreens and pine trees. Cookies baked fresh. Sweaters. Scarves hand knitted by my very dearest friend. Mittens and hats, that I wear often. My birthday. Candy canes. Blankets of frost. Christmas carolers. Christmas music! I love love love Christmas music! =) Peppermint hot chocolate. Warm teas. Wrapping presents. Giving. Love. Family. Friends. Good cheer. Pies. Stories read to me or by me. I love Winter Soltice which falls on the 21st or 22nd of December, this year it is December 21st. Long lines where you can meet the most interesting people. The crunch of the ice under my boots, and the cold or wet excuse to wear them!

December is good.