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Email Interview with author Karen Maitland

Tuesday, August 18th, 2009

My true love is to read. I am far past a bookworm plowing past bibliophile. My home is littered with books stacked waist high from the door onward. It is a literary adventure within these walls. This past year I have been fortunate enough to read some excellent books and one of them Company of Liars: A Novel by Karen Maitland sent me head-over-heels for historical fiction.

I wrote a review post about Company of Liars: A Novel which you can read here. I contacted the author recently to ask some questions so I could fill inthe author information for her on another book lover website. Whilst exchanging emails with this most gracious and eloquent writer I mentioned the possibility of having an informal email interview. I sent her a bunch of questions, asked her to pick her favorites and respond at her own leisure. And respond she did. I am sharing her responses with all of you in this post. Karen Maitland is both thoughtful and eloquent in her responses, thank you Karen! (more…)